Roundwood House Guest House Accommodation and Cottages

A Little Bit Crooked!

It took me years to realise that it’s impossible to take a photo with straight lines in Roundwood House, because everything is actually a little crooked.
If the ceiling looks straight the floor looks crooked and vice versa 😅
Roundwood House Guest House Accommodation and Cottages

Robin Red Breast

This little guy waits for me at the bird feeder every morning.

I wonder why robins are so trusting of humans in comparison to other little wild birds.

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International Women’s Day March 8th

The ladies have arrived to celebrate International Women’s Day but unfortunately the weather is not cooperating with some heavy rainfall and gusty winds. However, the sculptor Jen Donnery has kindly offered to leave them here for another few days so you can come to see them whenever the weather brightens up again.