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Irish Independent, January 12 2014

One of Ireland’s most unusual libraries is set to open this week – with the world being asked to decide what should be in its ...
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The Library – a Brief Overview

“A History of the Evolution of Civilisation” - There is, in the midlands of Ireland, a library of the evolution of civilisation. It sounds like ...
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An Essay on Civilisation

Behind the fun of creating such a library there is an underlying and important purpose: to help develop an understanding that our overall history is, ...
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The Irish Examiner, May 9 2020

Letters to the Editor: What is stopping us removing the insecurity of those living in rented homes? It would appear that the only group that ...
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Malign Influence

I am not normally tempted to write about current politics; they are too immediate, too transient and I am too passionate about them. But the ...
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Don’t shy away because this blog is about religion, and specifically about Christianity. If you are a Christian be assured that it will not be ...
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