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40th Birthday Celebration
The Challenge: a 2000 piece jigsaw puzzle to be completed over a 3 day stay by a group of 23 friends celebrating a 40th birthday ...
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The Road Less Travelled
Spend enough time anywhere and it will become normal.  When I first arrived in Ireland from Canada in 1998, I savoured every small, alien detail ...
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The Vitality Retreat at Roundwood House
Revitalise the Body, Reconnect with your Passion, Be Inspired to Live from your Heart! This holistic retreat is an opportunity to welcome greater fulfilment and ...
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Snow Day
Walking  in an Irish winter-land. You should try it. Surreal and beautiful, and not all that common in this country. Coming from Canada, as I ...
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Donovan Leitch

Swear Jar
There is a certain amount of inevitable overlap between home life and business when you run your home as a business. Therefore you need to ...
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Christmas at Roundwood House
The Remarkable Rocket and The Happy Prince Oscar Wilde Sunday, Dec 17th , 2017 at 4pm in The Library of Civilisation Price: €25 includes show, ...
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